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You age, visibly and invisibly, every day. Sun damage, internal inflammation, chemicals, and even gravity all work against the youthful vitality of your skin. As we get older, our ability to repair this constant damage is diminished dramatically. Since fewer regenerative stem cells survive to carry on the work, slower, less robust healing and greater levels of inflammation are inevitable.


Precision micro-tips are tapped into the skin creating uniform micro-channels. A single pass over the face using the ProCell system will create hundreds of thousands of micro-channels. Each micro-channel is surrounded by healthy tissue, which stimulates and enhances the healing process. In response to each microinjury, an inflammatory healing process begins which initiates the formation of new collagen.


Over time, the repeated healing process will build new collagen, creating smoother and healthier skin, improving the surface texture and the overall appearance of the skin. Because changes occur at the cellular level of growth, clients will see continued improvement with each microchanneling session they undergo. In addition to improvements to facial skin like the diminishment of acne scars and lessening of lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, tightening skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite, and stretch marks.

Micro-Needling has also been shown to be safe to use on all Fitzpatrick skin types.  While many people are great candidates for ProCell microchanneling, there are certain circumstances where other treatment options should be explored. This includes immuno-compromised patients, like those undergoing chemotherapy. Pregnant women are also not suitable candidates for collagen induction therapy. Other variables include the avoidance of open or infected skin (like lesions and pustules), and same-day retinoid therapy. 

The ProCell Differnce - Alternative Comparison

  • Extremely shortened down time – typically 60-90 minutes

  • Linear stamping technique results in substantially decreased discomfort for clients

  • Procedure times cut in half with variety of tip sizes for different size areas

  • Stem Cell Growth factor serums improve healing to yield previously unattainable results

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