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Post Treatment Instructions

Micropigmentation/Permanent Make-Up

Following these aftercare instructions will ensure your procedure heals properly and stays looking great!  
  • Your SofTap color will be several shades darker for a 3-7 days. 
  • Apply your aftercare ointment every 3-4 hours for 3 days. Keep the area moist. No other ointment should be used, it can remove your color. If your ointment is still glossy, do not re-apply, over saturation will pull out your pigment.
  • Do not use your fingers to apply ointment, use a cotton swab to avoid infection of your open wound.  
  • You may use ice packs and sleep elevated to reduce swelling. You may also use Tylenonl for discomfort/swelling. If you have prolonged redness and swelling, consult your physician. 
  • Do not apply make-up or creams for 7 days.  
  • After 7 days use SPF 20 sunscreen daily for long lasting color. 
  • Avoid sun exposure for 7 days. 
  • Avoid direct shower spray to your face for 2 weeks. 
  • No swimming, hot tubs, steam rooms or saunas. Avoid sweating and direct water exposure for 7 days. 
  • No chemicals or facials for 2 weeks. 
  • Do NOT scratch, pick or rub flaking, itching and peeling area. This will pull out the pigment. 
Please be gentle with your skin during the healing process.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us. Thank you! 301-810-2175 

Lash Lift 

​Avoid water, lash growth serums, mascara, heat, steam, saunas, oils, lotions, creams, shampoos, face wash, make-up remover on lashes for a minimum of 24 hours.

Avoid water-proof mascara indefinetly as it can dry and cause damage to your lashes.

If you are a side or stomach sleeper, you may notice that one or both eyes can raise or drop leaving the lashes mis-shapped. We recommend that you sleep on your back.

DaVinci Teeth Whitening 

For the following 24 hours After Treatment you must:

  • Avoid any dark staining drinks like Tea, Coffee, Red Wine, coloured soft or alcoholic drinks and fruit juice.

  • Avoid all dark staining foods like bolognese, soy sauce, red meat, chocolate and all fruit except bananas.

  • Avoid any foods or drinks that would leave a stain on a white shirt.

  • No Smoking for 24 hours, smoking a cigarette or electronic cigarettes within the first 24 hours will stain your teeth.  

  • Avoid coloured toothpaste (red or blue) or Mouthwash for 24 hours.

  • Food and drinks that may be consumed are as follows: Plain chicken, fish & chips, potatoes, plain pasta and white sauces, cereals, Milk, 7up and white wine, any other food or drink which are clear or white.

Plasma Fibroblast

  • Please up your water intake during the first week of healing.

  • You may resume day-to-day activities immediately after the treatment but may not look your best during the healing process (4 to 14 days).

  • DO NOT expose the treated area to sunlight. There is a real risk of hypopigmentation during the healing process. If out and about, we advise wearing a hat and sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to avoid sun burn as the area's sensitivity to sunlight will be heightened. For up to 3 months. You should avoid sunbeds and sunbathing.

  • Avoid exercising after the treatment for 7 days. Any heat, steam or sweat could add to the inflammation or cause an infection. 

  • DO NOT wash or apply anything to the treated area for 24 hours. Keep it completely dry!

  • Wash the area 24 hours after the treatment. Luke warm boiled water is best for cleaning the treated area, with a mild cleanser such as Cetaphil. Gently pat the area dry with a paper towel.

  • Only use Recovery serum, aloe (from an aloe plant not bottled aloe), or colloidal silver. Gently dab with your fingertips, DO NOT rub in the aftercare serum and gel.

  • DO NOT cover the treated area with plasters, occlusive dressing or any type of make-up, mascara, creams or any other product until all the scabs have fallen off (except specific products that are recommend by your technician).

  • Only apply Recovery serum, aloe (from an aloe plant, not bottled aloe), or colloidal silver.

It is highly unlikely you will ever get an infection from a Plasma Pen. However; with any skin rejuvenation treatment, we are not in control of what you do when you leave and you should be aware that the first 12 hours area risk period for infection so, please keep your hands clean and avoid touching the area.

Following closely all aftercare advice you should soon be enjoying your new look. However, if at any time the treated area becomes hot, red or shows signs of pus,please contact me for advice as you may be developing an infection. It is important to keep the treated area clean and dry. 


Following Plasma Fibroblast treatment, most people experience a mild burning sensation similar to sunburn which resolves after a few hours.

As a natural healing response, the treated area will become swollen, especially around the more delicate areas such as the eyes. Depending upon your natural rate of recovery most people find it only usually lasts few days. In extreme cases, (especially if client has failed to follow after care advice), the swelling can last several days and may initially interfere with vision. For the first night or two, it is advisable to sleep with your head elevated to prevent excessive swelling.

Initially after the treatment and for a day or so afterwards, there may be occasional weeping. This is simply plasma and is a natural healing response.

As the treated area begins to heal, you will notice its drying out process, a brown crust develops upon the surface of the skin.
The spots will flakes off after a few days but in some rare cases can take over 2 weeks. DO NOT pick at this crusting as it can lead to infection or scarring.


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